Copywright WTC Photo 2012

Model Photography Shoots

Models: Currently accepting Time-For-Print (TFP) exchanges with models*. Will compensate all TFP photoshoots by providing full range of finished shots. Currently looking for TFP models in the San Francisco Bay Area.

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Please contact me to set up a photoshoot. Provide any ideas, your schedule, and your Model Mayhem number, if you have a profile.

Definition of Model: This term loosely applies to all potential people interested in participating in a photoshoot as a subject. All TFP photoshoots must be of benefit to my portfolio. At this time, I am interested in a large field of subjects, themes, and so on; please provide any information about how a photoshoot might benefit both of our portfolios. If a photoshoot does not fit within this broad definition, I am still available to shoot, with negotiated terms. Again, please contact me for more information.