WTC Photo Products

Nearly all images on this site, including those in the Archives, are available for print. Below are listed the available print sizes and their prices. From the Marketplace, images can be directly purchased. For older image galleries in the Archives, please note the image name and contact me to place orders.

For canvas prints, please contact me for your order.




Size (Inches)




Size (Inches)




7x10 image on 8.5x11 paper




Small - 21x14




9x14 image on 11x17 paper




Medium - 30x20




13x20 image on 17x24 paper




Large - 42x28




22x28 image on 32x40 paper




XLarge - 48x32




Prices may be different for canvases and prints on display at galleries, coffeshops, and other locations, which reflects the difference in cost of making the canvases and prints. All images copywrighted by WTC Photography. For commercial use of any of these images, a specific agreement must be made. Please contact me about using any images for commercial use.