Photo Lists - Modified Photo Galleries


Tucson B&W Photos
Tucson B&W Photos
These are B&W or color-adapted versions of photos from the first five galleries from Tucson.


Maine In Color
Weekend In The Woods Of Mainer
A weekend spent camping in Acadia Nat'l Park in Maine yielded these galleries of nearly 100 photos of Maine, identical except one is color and the other is B&W.


Foggy Day Waves Color
Foggy Day Waves
A trip to Newport, RI, on a foggy day yields some great wave photos. There are identical color and B&W galleries.

Varaždin Graveyard
Urban Cemetary, Varaždin, Croatia
These photos, of the urban graveyard in the Croatian city of Varaždin, have been converted to black and white to show the sense of the place.

Danville 34
Danville, VA
My first series of manipulated photos, from a trip to the old industrial city of Danville, VA.

Pendleton Oil Mill
Pendleton Oil Mill
This series, taken at the Oil Mill in Pendleton, SC, is split into two sections: black and white, and modified color saturations.

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