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Shorty Backpacking Trip
The Shorty Backpacking Trip (5 Galleries) NEW!
We headed off for another round-th-world trip, though only for less than four months this time.


Sha Pregnancy Shoot
Sha & Gabby Pregnancy Shoot NEW!
Just in time for a late pregnancy shoot with Sha and her little girl Gabby, a real sport.


Sequoia NP
A Visit To Sequoia Nat'l Park
We camped a few nights in Sequoia NP to hike and explore this magnificent place.


Camping In Yosemite
We spent a night in the famous Yosemite Nat'l Park, and it didn't disappoint.


Beach Shoot
NorCal Beach Model Shoot
Aaron had the opportunity to photograph three models on a CA beach.


California Assignment
Fall/Winter In California (12 Galleries)
Photo galleries from the Bay Area, California assignment.


Week In CO
A Week In Colorado (2 Galleries)
Aaron & Jess stay busy during a week stay in Colorado between assignments.


Wildlife & Camping, Alaska (2 Galleries)
During a visit to a friend in Alaska, Jess and Aaron had a crazy, busy week exploring and camping.


Seven Continent Trip
Seven Continent Trip Photos (20 Galleries)
Holy crap! 1362 photos from our 6-month, 20-country trip! Who could ask for more?


First/Last Yangshuo
China Backpacking Trip (8 Galleries)
Jess & Aaron spent two weeks in China, starting in Hong Kong, and moving up into the mainland. Here are eight galleries of the best pictures from that fantastic trip.


Blast From The Past (2007): Zuri The Hound Dog Photoshoot
Soon after Aaron & Jess rescue Zuri from the pound, Aaron gets this photo shoot of her.

Lisa In Greece
Friends' Photos: Lisa In Greece
Lisa visits Santorini in Greece--and captures it in photos!

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