Travel Photography - Aaron Loukonen

Aaron is able to combine two of his greatest passions - travel and photography - making each much more meaningful and exciting. These galleries are filled with photos taken during one of his many trips.

Seven Continent Trip
Seven Continent Trip Photos (2009-2010)
Holy crap! 1362 photos from our 6-month, 20-country trip! Who could ask for more?


May Trip To Canada
May Trip To Canada (2009)
Jess & Aaron headed to BC and Vancouver a little rest from the heat, spending the days exploring, camping, hiking, and biking.


First/Last Yangshuo
China Backpacking Trip (2008)
Jess & Aaron spent two weeks in China, starting in Hong Kong, and moving up into the mainland. Here are eight galleries of the best pictures from that fantastic trip.


Chile Backpacking Trip (2008)
A whirlwind trip of Chile that took us from the massive city of Santiago to the highlights of the beautiful Lake District, the "Patagonia Lite"


Hungary Photos
Hungary Trip (2007)
Aaron and Jess took their honeymoon in Hungary. They spent the first week in the countryside, visiting the famous Lake Balaton area in addition to traveling to the nearby nations of Croatia, Slovenia, and Austria. The remainder of their two week trip was in Budapest. Here are their photos.


Kenya 34
Kenya Trip (2006)
A seven week trip to Kenya produced 3000 pictures. Here, 650 of them have been divided into weekly sections, as well as Nat'l Park sections.

Brugge 63
Europe Trip - Belgium (2006)
This is the collection of pictures from the trip to Belgium. It has been broken down into categories based on cities - lots and lots of pictures!

Canada Trip
Journey To Canada (2005)
With my parents, I visited New England and Canada in September of 2005. These are some of the pictures from that trip.

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